Pioneer Pharmacy was formed under the premise that the key to the success of a long term care pharmacy was the service level provided to the client by the pharmacy. Our number one goal was to consistently provide our clients with the highest level of service possible, and this vision became the foundation and core of what Pioneer Pharmacy would always strive to accomplish.

Our first task was to put together a group of investors who not only shared these same concerns, but who were involved in this industry giving them direct knowledge of the needs of the homes and the workings of the pharmacy. To this end our investor group and board of directors is made up of owners of nursing homes, pharmacists, pharmacy consultants, software programmers, current and prior pharmacy owners, nurses, and businessmen.

We also had to make sure the team of employees running the day to day needs of the pharmacy consisted of individuals who along with maintaining these high levels of service would focus on working closely with the doctors, patients and the homes in order to maintain a goal of no mistakes leaving the pharmacy and assuring the desired therapeutic outcome sought by the doctor would be reached. Our employees have vested interest as well as a real desire and honor in assisting the homes to make sure the needs of the patients/homes are always number one in their minds.

Having attained these goals we are constantly working to always set the bar higher each and every day. We believe this is possible because of our independent team that is always flexible and able to make immediate changes to our operations to meet the needs of each and every home we service. Our team of professionals feel a real honor in being selected to service the needs of each home.

Since Pioneer has opened, it has applied our vast knowledge in all different aspects of Long Term Care and we are familiar with the populations and needs of facility residents. We currently service Nursing Homes specializing in highly acute residents, psychiatric residents, and stable populations of Long Term Care. We also attend Culture Change Committee meetings to contribute and discuss the ways that pharmacy can be involved with cultural changes within the facilities.

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